Martels Pride

Martels Pride

same sex weddingWe’re very proud to say that at Martels Wedding Village we are completely inclusive of all couples of all sexes, and are now also proud to say we’re an official LGBTQ Wedding Supplier.

The road to marriage for same sex and LGBTQ couples has been a long one, fraught with pain and challenge. Finally in 2013, parliament passed the legalisation of same sex marriage, with the first marriage taking place in London in 2014.

Prior to this, the only option for same sex couples was to enter into a civil partnership. However, although this could include a ceremony and celebration, the government made it very clear that this wasn’t a marriage, but a legal partnership, in the eyes of the law.

A same sex marriage has the exact same rights as a mixed sex marriage.  There is a marriage certificate and they can also change their surnames too. Both marriages are viewed as the same legally.

Same sex couples can be married by a registrar in a registry office or registered ceremony venue.  Same sex couples can not currently get married in a Church of England Church or Catholic Church. Few denominations offer church ceremonies for same sex couples.

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