Still Cool v Old School

Traditions: Still Cool v Old School

Do you plan to embrace old school wedding traditions, are there any you think are still cool or just plain outdated?
Easy Weddings social followers had a lot to say, and the results are really interesting!  They recently ran a poll about wedding traditions, thinking some were a little outdated and some might be die-hard traditions that’ll stand the test of time. They had nearly 15,000 responses that ranged from passionate to tepid in their feelings about these traditions.
Here are the findings, mixed with some ideas on new spins to the old school traditions. As with all things related to planning your wedding, we strongly emphasise the “You do want you want” nature of your wedding. If you do love some of the more old-fashioned traditions, run with them and enjoy them!

Still Cool Wedding Traditions!

bride being given away

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    ■85% of respondents said they were into the first dance tradition
    ■82% of respondents love a traditional wedding party
    ■80% of respondents said being given away at the ceremony by a parent or guardian is still cool (though only 36% insist on dad leading the way)
    ■75% of respondents still love the traditional look and feel of paper wedding invitations
    ■63% of respondents said they were cool with banning female guests from wearing white to a wedding

Old School Wedding Traditions!

    ■86% of respondents think inviting every member of your family is not necessary (scrap the courtesy invites!)
    ■84% of respondents think smashing cake in each other’s faces is old school (you look so nice — why ruin your makeup!)
    ■74% of respondents replied to a public garter toss as, “ew gross – what the?!” (save it for the honeymoon, eh?)
    ■71% of respondents think having assigned sides at the ceremony is old school
    ■69% of respondents were all about cutting the cake as early as possible to get right into party mode

Wedding Traditions Going Strong!

As for other wedding traditions, there wasn’t a clear answer as to whether people found them old school or still cool. Instead, results were close to 50/50, so we’re sticking with still going strong — neither fad nor fashion.
These include:
    ■Traditional wedding vows vs. personal vows
    ■Wedding favours and gifts
    ■A mix of new things and secondhand items
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Article thanks to Easy Weddings Australia